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A Brief outline of how it works... please ask for full details

A meeting is held with Martyn to discuss dates, and strategy.

Write to local firms, leisure centres, and other contacts - not forgetting local and national celebrities - and other potential sources of "prizes". Martyn can provide a list of possible benefactors!

Make sure that parents or charity supporters are aware of the date of the auction. Write to them asking for their support in giving promises (everyone has contact with at least one company). Encourage them to come to the auction; these are great fun, a wonderful experience (particularly if you've never been to one!) and also a source of unusual gifts.

Compile a catalogue of approximately 100 items, or "lots", the more expensive items being held until the end of the sale.

Arrange an additional attraction beforehand; for example a childrens concert, a dinner, a barbecue. Make arrangements to keep children entertained. Provide refreshments. Anything to hold your buyers!

Advertise in local newspapers, radio, magazines (finance permitting).

On the day of the sale, the atmosphere of a "real" busy auction room will be recreated! Martyn will sell approximately 80 - 100 lots per hour, with at least one lot being sold by an invited member of the crowd - if anyone is brave enough!

For further details contact Martyn Fox on 01263 732047, or email info@charity-auction.co.uk

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