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Martyn Fox M.B.E, a professional Auctioneer, offers his services to schools and charities to raise funds for those causes through auctions of Promises. These events are a fun, and popular, way of raising extra funds for your charity. He does not charge a fee, only travelling expenses to and from the auction at 40 pence per mile.

Why not see if your charity could benefit by hosting one of these exciting evenings? Call Martyn on 07836 519521 or email him at rmrfox@uwclub,net
Martyn also gives talks on the humorous aspects of auctioneering gleaned from over 30 years of experiences. He has spoken to Womens Institutes, Ladies Luncheon Clubs, Inner Circle, Local History groups, Probus amd many others. His titles are varied, namely:
Condoms to Coffins [The life of a Norfolk Country Auctioneer]; Stammer goes under the hammer; From Mumble to Medal and Podium to Pulpit and back again which is about his Christian faith.
Martyn with youngest son Jamie

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